If you are looking for a day care for your child and you’re new to the idea, you may be wondering if day care will be bad for your child. It’s normal to feel apprehensive if you have never used a day care before. Perhaps you have always been able to stay home with them, but now you need to work. Perhaps always said to yourself that you would never wanted to put your child in day care. Or perhaps you have heard a horror story or two from people who had a bad experience. Whatever the reason, your apprehensions about leaving your child in someone else’s care are normal and understandable. Mothers agonize over being separated from their child whether it’s the first day of school or the first day of day care. But here are a few points that can allow you to alleviate your fears and feel comfortable that your need for day care for your kids isn’t a bad thing.

1. Day care provides much-needed structure.

Children thrive when they have structure in their life, and when they have a regular place where they can go, they will quickly adapt to that structure structure. Even the youngest children appreciate predictability, and day care provides a routine where they will be picked up and dropped off at consistent times or consistent days of the week. They will also have a structured day while they’re at day care, with regular times for normal activities. Children tend to do extremely well once they learn the routine, which typically takes only a few days.

2. Day care provides a safe place for your child.

Unless you have a trusted close friend or relative who is willing to watch your child when you can’t be there, it’s difficult to find someone you can trust. Going the route of a babysitter or nanny, you can never really be sure about your child’s safety and well-being. Day care providers have to build trust in the community that they are a safe place for children to come to. Trust is earned, and day care providers have a lot more incentive to earn that trust than the teenager you meet through an online posting. You’ll get professional care that’s focused on the safety and well being of your child.

3. Day care provides a nurturing environment.

Your child deserves to have a good, positive, enjoyable experience during the time while you’re at work or can’t be with them. The best day care centers hire highly-qualified individuals who genuinely care about the kids under their care. In fact, the people who choose to work in day care in the first place do so because they love kids and want to provide a loving and nurturing environment to other children. We are proud of the awesome staff we have here at Rainbow Chimes, and we celebrate the fact that our day care couldn’t be what it is without them.

4. Day care provides social interaction.

Your child will learn to play with other kids around the same age in a supervised, positive environment. This will form the basis for how to interact, how to share, and how to begin to be well-adjusted socially.

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