Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington, on Long Island, offers day care with a difference. We offer early childhood care for children from infants, through the toddler years up to full-day kindergarten. We use the High Scope curriculum that is research-based and has been proven to be a highly successful curriculum.

The High Scope Curriculum  is centered on the concept of participatory learning. This is where children as seen as true partners in their constructing their own learning, and their own perceptions of the world.They are encouraged to ask questions and challenge assumptions. This helps them develop the ability to analyze things and make thoughtful decisions, thus developing into adults who are productive, thoughtful and successful.

As the seasons change, we are presented with opportunities to teach children so many new things. Each new spring, children can deepen their understanding of the seasons, the plant cycle,  animal behavior and meteorology, among the many other topics that come to mind. Of the many projects that children and parents can do during the weekends and after school hours, here is one of our favorites.Seed in a Baggie

  • Put a large seed, of a sunflower for example, in a baggie with a damp paper towel so that the seed can absorb the water from the paper towel.
  • Tape the baggie to a window in plain view.
  • Encourage the child to observe that the seed first swells and then slowly sprouts. Ask the child what they think will happen next, record it and then have them compare it with what actually happens.

To learn more about Rainbow Chimes and how we implement High Scopes curriculum, explore our website. Call for a tour of our facility if you are interested in enrolling your child.