Young child looks at the world through an oversized toy camera.

Literally From Their Point Of View

There’s no getting around it: The world looks very different from your child’s point of view. Their vantage point means that they perceive what’s around them much differently than you do, mainly because of the significant height and size difference.

Remember when you went back to your childhood home, neighborhood, or school and marveled at how small everything is now? That’s because you remember things from the viewpoint of a child, when the world seemed so much bigger!

That’s why it’s important to get down to your child’s level. Sit in a child-size chair and see the day care center from your child’s viewpoint. Crouch down or get on your knees and look around to get a better idea of what your child sees.

That’s just half of the equation, though; the other half is observing your child during your visit to the day care center. How is she or he taking it all in? Observe their facial expressions and body language. Follow their eyes to see what grabs their attention and how they respond to what they’re looking at. If your child is expressing a sense of wonder, natural curiosity, and interest while observing the room calmly, that’s a really good sign that this day care center will be the right fit.

Is The Center Colorful?

Children respond well to colors (and, we daresay, so do adults). Look around the daycare center. Are there bright colors everywhere? You don’t want the colors to be overwhelming, but you do want plenty of different hues to be present for an overall cheerful effect that makes your child feel comfortable and ready to learn!

Are Activities Easy To Reach?

A welcoming day care center has fun, safe, and age-appropriate activities available at your child’s level. Are books, puzzles, and toys easy to access? Or is everything way out of reach? At a well-designed day care center, child-friendly activities need to be accessible. This is an even greater consideration for children with disabilities. Can a child in a wheelchair access activities and feel like an integral part of the group? Glance around the room and picture how your child would reach the various activities you find.

Are Stations Comfortable?

Every good day care center is set up into functional stations. There are places for eating, napping, playing, and doing group activities. How are these stations set up at the center you’re visiting? Will it be clear for your child where they can spend time? Is it also obvious to you as a parent that the off-limit areas are sealed off properly from the children?

Another thing to consider with regards to comfort are the furnishings. Are tables, chairs, and mats comfortable? Are they in good condition? You want to make sure everything is smooth and soft, and that there are no dangerous edges, points, or corners that your child might encounter. A good day care center invests in child-friendly furnishings.

What About The Caregivers?

Observe how the children at the day care center interact with their caregivers. Do they seem happy and content? Is it easy for them to approach the caregivers? If your child has the opportunity (and desire) to interact with the adults at the center during your visit, observe your child’s reaction carefully. Look for clues in their facial expressions, body language, and interest level.

Additional Considerations

Regardless of your child’s age, a day care center needs to be a place that’s safe, comfortable, and welcoming. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, or preschooler, the center you select will be their second home, so it needs to feel like home! We’re not saying it has to look like your house or be set up the way you’ve arranged your child’s room, but it does have to have an inviting feel and your child needs to be relaxed here.

Our Day Care Center In Huntington

At Rainbow Chimes, we strive to make our center welcoming for your child. It’s important to our caregivers that your child feel at home here at our day care center in Huntington, NY. We invite you to take a tour and see for yourself all that we have to offer. Give us a call at 631-296-1986 to schedule your tour with Rainbow Chimes today! Or fill out our convenient online form with any questions you may have and we will respond to you shortly.