Here at Rainbow Chimes, we are eagerly awaiting the start of the Summer Olympics, held this year from August 5th to the 21st in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We hope to watch our favorite events and that you can too. It can be hard to get kids, both little and big, to sit down long enough that they, and you, can dive into the broadcasts.

In the last few blogs, we’ve given you some creative ideas to get kids involved in the games in an overarching way, and this time we have a few ideas how to get them to sit down and watch with you.

Olympic Bingo!

Kids, from the youngest to oldest kids who can read, can take part in this game. You can make it easier or harder based on their age.

  • First, you need to make the board. Get some sturdy cardboard. You can cut the back out of a cereal box for example and use a marker and use a ruler to make squares. For very little kids, just make four, and as the age of your child goes up, so too can the number of squares.
  • Fill in the Squares.
    • For little ones, you can use pictures of common Olympic icons for them to spot. You can cut them out of magazines or use your artistic skills to draw them. If you run out of ideas, do a Google image search for Olympic symbols or Olympic sports and use those on the board. For example, you could draw the torch, the rings, and a gold medal.
    • For older kids and yourself, you can write the words of sports, symbols, and the name of countries they can watch for. The kids can keep track of what they’ve spotted with anything from cheerios to sticky notes.
  • When the child who has filled in their squares calls BINGO, they get a gold medal you’ve bought ahead of time for this game.

Hopefully the kids will stay focused on the game long enough for you to enjoy the Olympics too!

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