“You should take your kids to Rainbow Chimes because they’re looking out for their future.” Pooja Tandon

This testimonial from a parent enrolled in Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Day Care Center means a lot to us because we feel that we really are looking out for the future of the children in our care. We use the High Scope Curriculum, and to us, this means building up your child for future success.

High Scope Curriculum Produces Real World Results

  • Education programs can claim they produce real results, but High Scope curriculum has over 50 years of research-based education behind it.
  • Since it’s creation in 1962, High Scope Curriculum has been helping to create inquisitive minds that are adept at using critical thinking skills to make decisions.
  • To summarize the results, children with whom the High Scope curriculum has been used, attended school for more years, had less interaction with both police and social services and had fewer teen pregnancies.

How is it Done?

  • High Scope curriculum is based on a concept called active learning, or participatory learning.
  • In a classroom that uses participatory learning, a child is encouraged to follow their passion. For example, if a child is passionate about insects, they are encouraged to learn everything they can about insects.

It may seem odd to think that there is a connection between guiding a child to learn everything they can about grasshoppers and success as an adult, but there is. When a child is interested in something, they think creatively. The adults guiding the child can use this creativity as an opportunity to teach the child how to learn. The method used by High Scope curriculum is highly transferable to all subjects and so, when a child has learned how to go about learning something, they can apply it to all avenues of life. Evidence shows that this also translates to life decisions.
If you’d like to learn more about Rainbow Chimes and our use of High Scope, call today and schedule a visit.