Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Care Center is not your average day care. We use the High scope curriculum  are very happy with the outcomes of this type of curriculum. It is a research-based curriculum that has participatory learning at its core. We think that the results, from children who first used this curriculum in the 60’s, speak for themselves. This method has been  a success. Being educators ourselves, we are fascinated by the history and development of the science of education, or pedagogy. We thought we’d share with an example of an early attempt at a ”modern” curriculum.


One early method is the famous Gary Plan implemented in the Gary, Indiana school district, in the 20’s and 30’s. The organization of the schools was factory-like. This is where bells and changing classrooms originated. It is not surprising as Gary was founded by US Steel and was home to several automakers. The concept at the root of the Gary Plan was to have the students split into two Platoons. One Platoon would  concentrate on specific academic subjects such as science or math while the other platoon took part in enrichment classes such as swimming, cooking, shop or played on the playground. The day was split in half and the students would switch places halfway through the day. This attempted to expand a child’s development on the mental, social, cultural, and physical abilities. Classrooms were designated for specific subjects for the first time and the school’s space was used to maximum efficiency meaning it was also used at night.  Check back next week for more our next blog.