When your toddler is about to start preschool, there are many skills that can help them get the most out of their experience. Not only will they be more prepared to learn, they will also understand proper behavior while in school. When a child learns these skills at a young age, they’ll be ready to succeed throughout their academic life. For that reason, we have gathered four things your child should know before starting preschool. If you’re looking for preschool or childcare services in Huntington, call Rainbow Chimes Daycare to schedule a visit.

Self-Help Skills

Preschool is typically the first time in a child’s life where they’ll spend an extended amount of time away from their parents. To help them prepare for this separation, it’s helpful to teach them skills that lead to self-sufficiency. Skills such as dressing themselves, putting on their backpack, and how to put on jackets and gloves will help them develop the confidence they’ll need when they aren’t by your side. Some other self-help skills that will help them out include basic organizational skills, such as how to put away their toys after playing with them and how to keep their area clean.

Social Skills

Unless your child has siblings, preschool might be the most time they spend with other kids their age. Getting them ready for interacting with other kids and teachers should be a big focus of yours, with an eye toward good manners and controlling their emotions. Teach them how to say “please” and “thank you” at the appropriate times, how to avoid temper tantrums and other ways to keep their emotions in check. When children don’t have these skills, it leads to chaotic situations if school becomes scary, stressful, or overwhelming. Kids with a sense of self-control are able to focus more on their learning.

Restroom Etiquette

Since you won’t be at the school with your child, it’s important that they know how to go to the bathroom on their own. This includes correctly identifying the difference between the boys and girls restrooms, closing the door and locking it for privacy, and washing their hands. Your child should also understand the classroom rules regarding going to the restroom and how to properly signify they need to use the facilities so they don’t have an unfortunate accident. This is a small part of teaching a child self-sufficiency and how to handle their bodily needs on their own.

Reading and Writing

As a child begins preschool, they start their path through education. In order for them to be ready to learn right away, they should have basic letter and number recognition skills under their belt. This will help them follow along with any lessons that are taught to the class. Starting off preschool with basic reading and writing skills will help them avoid struggles while providing the foundation necessary to pick up new knowledge easily. Some other skills that will help them greatly is the ability to correctly identify different colors and shapes, how to sort and organize objects, and the difference between real and pretend.

When a child walks into preschool for their first day, it can be pretty scary. Helping them along by teaching them these valuable skills and lessons can make sure they walk into that classroom with confidence and excitement. We hope you’ve found this a helpful resource as you prepare your child to begin preschool. For families in Huntington, Rainbow Chimes Daycare is your go-to source for nurturing childcare and preschool. We welcome special needs children as well, as we know they need tender loving care just as much as the other kids. Call us today to learn more about our services.