If you are looking for a job working with children, we have early childhood education jobs that provide you the opportunity to work with the High Scope Curriculum. Starting at the top, our employees are top-notch. They are highly educated and dedicated to our mission of caring for children while providing an environment within which they can fulfill their potential as active participants in their own learning.

Our Director

Our director has all the bases covered! She is a registered nurse, an ordained multifaith minister as well as holding a BA in Psychology, a postgraduate certificate in Elder Care Studies and Management of Nonprofit organizations. She earned her Ph.D. in Management. She teaches Business Ethics and Organizational management. She embodies our compassionate, intentional, and well-organized mission of facilitating children on their road to becoming active participants in their learning and their own lives.

Our Staff

Our infant/toddler instructors all have degrees in Early Childhood Education or related discipline. All preschool and kindergarten classes are led by teachers with Bachelor’s degrees or better and all have prior classroom experience.


If you are considering a career in early childhood development/education and want some hands-on experience to see if it is a good fit for you, we encourage you to apply for a volunteer position. Or if you are a young parent and feel you and your parenting skills would benefit from exposure to the High Scope curriculum, volunteer!


If you have the proper qualifications and are passionate about children and the High Scope curriculum, let us hear from you!