According to numerous, large research studies, the Back-up / Emergency Child Care option has been proven to be the most cost-effective way to reduce absenteeism and stress due to employees’ own interrupted child care service, or occasional, sudden need.

Rainbow Chimes offers excellent Back-up Child Care service, used by several local corporations, so that your company employees can work even when their regular child care arrangements don’t. Parents pre-register their children so that caregiving can begin the very morning the need occurs.

The corporate sponsor usually makes a tax-deductible, quality-enhancement grant to Rainbow Chimes. Annualized, this grant is expected to be greater than the actual cost of care, and our service includes enhanced options for parents and corporate-site lunch seminars, if desired. Corporate staff and workers may use the center during school holiday closings or when their other child care arrangements are suddenly disrupted. The service is available for infants through school-aged children.

Parents whose companies do not have an Emergency / Back-up Care Plan Agreement with us may still access our center, but will be waitlisted until 8 am to permit prioritized admission to the children of our corporate-sponsors’ employees.

Our corporate-sponsor partners have two other Emergency / Back-up Care options to choose from:

  • Guaranteed space. Your company may purchase slots in a specific nursery or classroom to ensure that the care is always available to your employees. Space is guaranteed as long as no other employee from your organization is using the same space on any given day.
  • As-available space. Your employees have prioritized access to our center when space is available.

For more information about this service and others we offer to local corporations, please call us at 631-296-1986.

Rainbow Chimes strives to serve the needs of families with young children through our quality child care and early childhood education programs offered at our Huntington, NY location. We serve our city and the surrounding communities throughout the region, including Centerport, Cold Spring Harbor, and Laurel Hollow. We invite you to schedule your tour with us today!

“I like the flexibility that they offer. Work conflicts, they’re willing to work with the parents on that.” – Tammy Green