At Rainbow Chimes Daycare in Huntington, New York, our mission is to provide children with early educational skills and the ability to challenge assumptions so they can make thoughtful decisions and develop into positive, productive adult leaders. Children are encouraged to actively use creative representation, language and logic to achieve decision-making, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. Many of our early childhood education graduates tell us that this supported approach to achieving these competencies helped them to succeed throughout their school years and young adult work-life.

Our mission also promotes innovations for quality in family life, staff education and worth, and both community and economic development. We invite you to read more about our day care program highlights. In our commitment to quality early childhood education and support of families with young children, Rainbow Chimes Daycare offers a full range of programs. These include day care (infant day care is also available), child care, early childhood development and enrichment programs, preschool, kindergarten, before- and after-school activities, and summer camp.

Literally hundreds of people have contributed work and resources to make our Huntington, Long Island home a reality here in New York, including our staff, elected and civic leaders, members of the community, and parents who share in our beliefs, namely, that positive experiences during the early childhood years are vital to achieving joy and fulfillment throughout life. You are welcome to read more about our partnerships and affiliations. We are immensely grateful to these supporters and friends for the recognition accorded to Rainbow Chimes as the community’s premier early childhood education and care center.

These are just some of the activities your child will enjoy with us:

  • Learning the basics, including numbers, the alphabet, first written words, and basic math
  • Listening to a wide variety of imagination-building stories
  • Starting to learn how to read
  • Painting, drawing, and other art projects
  • Starting to learn about science and how the world around them works
  • Learning how to socialize by engaging with others their age in quality playtime

Every day, we live our philosophy of treating every child with respect and dignity while offering quality early childhood education and care programs that provide enrichment, feed a young child’s natural desire to learn and experience the world around them, and boost confidence and self-esteem. Perhaps this is why we’re the day care and early childhood education option of choice for so many families in our community!

“I take my grandchild to Rainbow Chimes because I know he’s going to have a fun, productive day every day. We liked the small number of kids to teacher. Our grandson has been going for about a year now. I like that most days they read books, which is great. All different ones on themes, so that reinforces whatever they’re learning that day. I know he’s learning about the numbers and the alphabet. He’s getting to also experiment with painting different kinds of art, and he really enjoys that.”

– Tammy Green