If you are a parent of Rainbow Chimes young student, you know that we use the High Scope Curriculum. The high scope is more than just a curriculum it encompasses a learning practice, or method, that is known as active learning, or participatory learning. As such, it is an entire learning system for early childhood education.

  • High Scope uses active learning to teach the children not just facts about life but teaches the how to use critical thinking to figure things out for themselves.
  • High Scopes has been around since the 1960’s and has been proven to produce adults who have a better than average decision-making process.
  • For something  to be considered active learning  the student ,must be doing much more than just passively receiving information, for example via a lecture.
  • In active learning, children do activities that immerse them in the topic. For example, if the children are learning about the life cycle of a plant, they won’t just color pictures of plants, they’ will plant seeds and feel the dirt on their hands.
  • The student must be discovering, processing and applying knowledge. Higher thinking that is using higher order thinking skills such as evaluation and analysis.

Why is Active Learning so Important?

  • Research has shown that students remember only 30 percent of what they see, 70 percent of what they say and write but 90% of what they do.
  • When children (or adults for that matter) learn something with all their sense, they learn it more completely.
  • Active learning also involves children in decision-making process and we believe that for good judgment to be developed, it must be exercised.

To learn more about Rainbow Chimes and High Scope, visit our curriculum page.