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Full-time children who are expected to enter Kindergarten during the next school cycle (older four-year-olds) may be enrolled in our Pre-K class. While Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are set up in a similar manner – Art, Block, House, Music, Manipulatives, Math & Science, and Literacy – children are aided to more deeply process inquiry into discovery, and additional creative expression is encouraged.


    • Child-Planning, as part of the High Scope Curricular Approach becomes more complex to depict a clear and comprehensive blueprint about what the child wants to explore and work on each day or throughout the week. The cycle of patient and creative planning, carrying out the plan during work time, and then recalling what s/he has done promotes the addition of strategic decisions and actions into the thinking, doing, and feeling process. Children may change their plans at any time in order to do something else of interest, and freely interact with others to build on their plan and work in a cooperative setting. As in the preschool setting, this progressive, cognitively-oriented (non-rote) curriculum provides an active learning experience around 58 key development indicators that form the basis of expanding inquiry, knowledge, and capability. Literacy, numbers, and nature/science are explored in greater depth. Incremental gains in physical coordination and stamina, as well as extensive socialization skills, further prepare children for the rigors of Kindergarten. Written and pictorial portfolios provide ample evidence of growth and skills mastered, but just as importantly, reflect the joy children had in the making of their experiences.
    • Classroom areas noted above feature appropriate furnishings and easily accessed art materials, books, puzzles, blocks, trucks, dolls, table-toys, games, musical instruments, tools, prop boxes, and real materials from home and nature. Each classroom has an attached bathroom and hand-washing sink that is easily monitored by attending staff. Floors and rugs are cleaned every day, and toys and furnishings are washed and inspected on a strict schedule to ensure both cleanliness and continued suitability for use.

  • Older Preschool and Pre-K Teachers are experienced with at least a Bachelor’s degree, and are charged with preparing children for their upcoming Kindergarten experience, both socially and academically. At the same time, these professionals create a playful atmosphere for “learning by happily doing” while collecting anecdotes for each child daily to add to their documentation of development. Teaching team to pre-K ratios are maintained at 1:7, but additional staff may be summoned as needed via closed-circuit cameras and intercoms.
  • Activities and progress are documented for every child, through anecdotal notes, day-to-day conversations, in-depth formal parent-staff conferences, and informally via messages and pictures shared with parents via internet uploads to a password-protected account.
  • Our AdventureScapes Playground contains a big, wonderful playscape, specially-designed to encourage interaction and socialization, as well as large-motor development. The AdventureScape boasts a fort, ship, and castle with climbing wall, slides, and bridges. Other playground amenities include a patio and easels for outdoor art, music station, swings, playhouses, sandbox, and cycle-track. In summer, the running and ball field also allows for water-play. Children go outside to play every day unless the weather is inclement.

Your full-time older four year old will greatly enjoy the opportunity to be part of the Rainbow Chimes Pre-K program, but enrollment is limited to just one class group, and slots are claimed early. Call today to arrange a tour: 631-427-6300.

“They provided us with detailed reports on what our kids were doing each day so you felt that even though you weren’t there with your children you were able to know how their day went and whether they said a couple of words, or at school age did other things.” – Robyn Drucker