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RCInnerPage17Executive Chef: Our Five-Star, award-winning chef has been on staff since 2007.

Nutrition: We provide children with nutrition education and cooking activities to reinforce good eating habits (please enjoy some of our recipes). Foods indicative of children’s cultural backgrounds are served periodically. Guest speakers are also invited to come speak with the children about eating healthy foods.

Meals: Written menus are provided for parents. A nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack is provided every day at scheduled times. To assure that the weekly rotating menus and the nutritional components of the food program meets or exceeds the requirements as specified by the CACFP, all our meals and snacks are prepared fresh daily by our own cook, in our own on-site commercial grade kitchen. To further assure quality, our menus are reviewed as required by a Registered Dietician for proper nutritional content and balance.

Classroom staff eat with the children, serving as role models. At least five components are served at the lunch meal, which should ensure that your child will enjoy at least some of every meal. If your child has a food allergy or other nutritional need, please include this on the admission form, so that we may try to assist you. Per NYS regulations, a doctor’s note may be required.

Provisions for Babies: Infants are held and talked to while bottle fed. Rainbow Chimes will provide “table foods” for babies once they are able to manage these items. Feeding times and food consumption information is provided to parents of infants and toddlers at the end of each day.

Formula or breast milk and baby food for infants and toddlers are generally provided by parents. Plastic, sanitized bottles and nipples—pre-filled at home—and all food jars, containers, cups, etc. must be indelibly labeled (permanent marker) with your child‘s first and last name. For safety and health reasons, babies may not carry bottles throughout the day. If you work nearby and plan to nurse your baby exclusively while at the Center, NYS regulations require that you provide frozen breast milk or a can of ready-made formula and a sanitized bottle in case you are delayed. Regulations also dictate that bottles or food may not be reheated or reused, and that whole milk be served to children who are no longer formula-fed and are under age two, unless low-fat is requested by your child’s physician.


“Every morning when I walk in, I can smell the cooking that’s happening, the fact that it’s fresh food every day. And my daughter, she started eating solids at six months, from meatballs to chicken noodle soup, everything, and she’s very picky. She loves the food there. I know that every day they have some kind of a vegetable or fruit with every meal.” – Gayatrri Musraca

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I take my kids to Rainbow Chimes because as a working parent it is important for me to feel that my kids are in a safe place, where they can have fun, learn and I do not worry.

I take my kids to Rainbow Chimes because as a working parent it is important for me to feel that my kids are in a safe place, where they can have fun, learn and I do not worry. Both my kids have been going there since they were three months old. They started as infants, and now they’re going to be 13 and 10. As a working mom, especially in the city, both my husband and I are not close by. The fact that we’ve been using it for 13 years must say something. We never have had an issue. I felt comfortable that they would care for my infant, especially my first; it was a very hard thing to do to leave your three-month-old with a daycare center. They put them on a schedule; they kept them clean. I thought it was outstanding. They provided us with detailed reports on what our kids were doing each day so you felt that even though you weren’t there with your children you were able to know how their day went and whether they said a couple of words, or at school age did other things. We love Jay. The kids are picky eaters, and even if they didn’t like the meal, there’s was always a healthy alternative. One of the main reasons why we chose Rainbow Chimes was both my husband and I work in the city and we would leave early and get home late. Rainbow Chimes provided hours starting at six o’clock. If we were running late they worked with us. It helped with the stress of working full-time. Looking at Rainbow Chimes compared to other day care options, we found that the services Rainbow Chimes offered our kid was way above everything else. From the time they were infants, the care that they gave to them, the schedule they provided them, the lunches, the breakfast, the snacks, all we found to be exceptional, nutritional.
Robyn Drucker


Rainbow Chimes is a place that I know my son is safe, he loves it there and the food is great

Compared to the other daycares, it’s not really more expensive for the quality of food, and the structure, cleanness and the safety. One of the things that I loved there is the playground’s very safe. my son never got hurt in there. Jay the cook, he’s amazing. I was there at lunch time, I just want sit down at the place myself. The food always just smells delicious and it looks really good. My son always eats a lot, it’s really nutritious food. It just looked like he really cooks for a restaurant. Before he wasn’t in a daycare that really followed through or anything. It was more of a place that he was just there. At Rainbow Chimes I noticed that his behavior changed. And I noticed that that at Rainbow Chimes it’s more structured. He knows it’s time to play, it’s time to eat, it’s time to study, it’s time to read. He already got that down there and I know that that’s a lot to do with the curriculum that they have in school. I noticed that my son, even though he’s just two and a half, every word he sees he’s spelling it, he’s saying the alphabet, he’s singing the alphabet song. He’s eager to show every time. He sees something, he’s pointing, he’s telling us. He has confidence.Everybody’s just amazing. Everybody knows everybody. The people from maintenance, they know your name, they say good morning to you when they see you in the morning. Even though I’m not there, I really know everything that happened not only because they tell me, they write in the papers. So I know what he ate, what he didn’t eat, how much he ate, what he played, what books they’ve read. And at the end of the day, she always tells me this happened, that happened. They talk to the kids in their level, but it’s not baby talk or anything like that. It’s in a way that they understand what the message is, but it’s still being delivered to a child. My son was a little behind with his speech. They really work with him and I noticed a lot of progress. I recommend Rainbow Chimes because it’s a place where you’re going to leave your kid, your most precious gift, and you’re not going to have to worry about it. You know that he’s safe, he’s happy, he’s playing, and you’re just going to have a peace of mind that your son is being well taken care of.
Suelem Artzt

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