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    Ideas to Foster Literacy in Your Preschooler

    Little children have minds that are like sponges, ready to soak up every possible thing about the world around them. This unique aptitude for learning is something that can go away or diminish if it is not nurtured correctly. Therefore, it’s a good…Read More

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    National Teaching Moments

    After the last couple of years of dramatic politics, this is a good time to remind kids of some of the basic values that we as a community hold dear. There are plenty of opportunities in the coming months to point out to them the qualities that make…Read More

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    Let History Come Alive with a Day Trip

    Here we are, more than halfway through the winter break! Gifts have been opened, many have been discarded and hopefully a few treasured. But no number of toys seem to keep kids from being bored during the winter break. As a day care in Huntington, w…Read More

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    The Value of Artistic Free Play

    As your child grows, you will come to cherish the little craft items they made through their younger days even more than you do now, if you can imagine that. The little crafts that bear their tiny handprints and footprints become time capsules that …Read More

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    Make a “Let It Snow!” Banner

    When it comes to crafts for the holidays, the only limitation is your imagination! At Rainbow Chimes, we love to guide the children in our care through holiday craft making. Holiday crafts involve kids in the seasonal celebrations and let them devel…Read More

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    Thanksgiving Teaching Moments

    Teaching children about the first Thanksgiving can be a fun activity, filled with opportunities for teaching moments. Teaching moments are those times where we can seize the moment and teach our children a lesson about life that they can carry forwa…Read More

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    Teaching Children Gratitude and Multiculturalism

    Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington is dedicated to the care and education of children in our care. We use the High Scope Curriculum which is an inquiry-based curriculum. This means that we encourage children to en…Read More

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    Autumn Themed Activities And Crafts

    Now that autumn has arrived, it is time to put up some seasonal decorations. Some people think it is too early for out-and-out Halloween decorations, but you can start your spooky decor with a layer of fall-themed arts and crafts from the kids. Rain…Read More

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    Even Super-Mom’s and Super-Dad’s Need a Helping Hand

    Here we go again! Another school year is about to begin, and we are all preparing for another year of learning, growing, and fun! When you have school-aged kids, as well as little ones, it means your daytime schedule is freed up in part, but your af…Read More

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